Berrendo Oil & Gas is a private, Denver based, production company focused on implementing Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) techniques on projects in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming. Berrendo’s goal is to bring improved operating practices and technology to mature oil fields in order to increase production and reserves.

Our purpose is to cost effectively prove and recover additional reserves from producing fields in a safe and responsible manner while maximizing shareholder value.


Berrendo seeks to acquire and operate mature oilfields that have potential for improved oil recovery leading to increased production and reserves. Berrendo’s strategy includes identifying and acquiring projects based on our geologic, engineering, and operational expertise and improving production using the latest in IOR technology. Berrendo plans to acquire, operate, and divest of properties to generate desirable investment returns.


Berrendo is lead by proven energy executives with particular expertise in building and growing small and mid-sized companies and increasing enterprise value. The management team has a diverse background of energy related experience starting in the 1980s with Amoco Production Company and Saudi Aramco.

Berrendo management has assembled a team of experts with relevant and recent experience in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming and in particular the Minnelusa formation. This team has decades of experience in Wyoming and benefits from its relationship with the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute in Laramie.


Berrendo is currently evaluating several IOR project opportunities.


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Berrendo Oil & Gas LLC 303-415-0140

Joel Johnson, PEFounder & Managing Partner 720-539-0890

Andrew WernsdorferFounder & Managing Partner 303-859-7311

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