About Berrendo Energy

Company History

Wind Turbines

Berrendo Energy was established in 2006 to develop wind energy in the inter-mountain and farming regions of the US. Our goal is to develop utility scale projects to benefit landowners and their surrounding communities, while providing reliable clean energy. We are working on diverse wind, geothermal and thermal recovery projects at various phases of development, including site identification and land acquisition, grid interconnection, design and construction.

Berrendo seeks to take advantage of evolving economic and political forces in today’s energy markets, by fostering the generation of electricity from renewable resources in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Federal and state subsidies are being made available in the form of production tax and investment credits, and grants for energy produced by various renewable technologies including wind, solar and geothermal.

Our project developers and utility experts focus on projects with superior energy potential and relatively low development costs. At the same time, we look at potential projects from landowners’ perspectives as we understand the competition for land use and the careful consideration that long term commitments require.