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As demand for intermittent, renewable forms of energy increases, particularly wind and solar, new opportunities arise to help offset the inherent intermittency these forms of generation carry. Economical thermal energy recovery and storage of this energy to be used at times of greater demand and potentially higher pricing is a compelling objective.

Currently, natural gas fired generation serves as the primary peaking and dispatchable form of electricity to meet these periods of intermittency. While overall usage of fossil fuels is reduced through the existence of renewable energy sources, the dependence is not fully eliminated, still leaving the market and users vulnerable to the resulting effects of greenhouse gases emitted and the potential of price volatility of the underlying commodity of natural gas.

Thermal energy recovery and electricity generation from large industrial processes is commercially viable in many instances. Berrendo has several opportunities currently under development in the oil and gas processing industry where we anticipate capturing high temperature working fluids over 500F.

New pursuits in areas such as compressed air energy storage (CAES), pumped hydro, large-scale batteries, and hydrogen generation are coming to the forefront of energy storage.

Berrendo Energy is evaluating several electricity storage projects that can supply on-demand electricity at times during the day when it is most needed by a utility. Berrendo’s team is focused on finding and developing select energy storage opportunities that can command higher energy prices when combined with planned or existing intermittent generation sources.